Scott Wintrip Alexa Brief

Today, hiring takes longer than ever and upcoming ERE Speaker, and bestselling Author, Scott Wintrip stops by to talk about the “new way” of hiring using the process of High-Velocity Hiring because according to Scott, “Hiring does not have to be a hassle.”

During our conversation, we dive into the process of building a Talent inventory to take a proactive approach to recruitment and staffing. Scott tells us how to sell an opportunity when you don’t have an opportunity in front of you, learn about who you are hiring by having your candidates show and tell their experience, and we talk about hiring salespeople who know how to sell.

Scott gives us a sneak-peak into his book High Velocity: How to Hire Top Talent in An Instant as well as his upcoming presentation at ERE!

Listen, we talked about the current state of the recruitment belief system, one-night stands, acting, turds, and more… trust me, this interview is full of thought leadership, laughter and so many tools to help you succeed in recruitment and staffing.

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