Be a Guest on Podcast & Radio

We’re always looking for awesome people to interview so they can share their story, give some advice, talk about their successes, talk about their failures and help us inspire, motivate and educate a new generation of staffing entrepreneurs.

In terms of who we’re looking to interview:

  • Staffingpreneurs/Recruitment & Staffing business owners who have 15 employees or less, or
  • Companies who offer products and/or services that support the recruitment and staffing industry, or
  • Employers and hiring managers who currently use or have used a recruitment or staffing agency, or
  • Entrepreneurs/Staffingpreneurs and startup founders who have bootstrapped their company to $500,000+ in revenues, or
  • Entrepreneurs/Staffingpreneurs and startup founders who have raised at least $250,000+ from investors in the Recruitment & Staffing industry, or
  • Angel investors and VC’s who actively invest in startups

Dee Williams


Dee Williams is the host of, and CEO and founder of Identifize Consulting and Staffingpreneurs Academy. She’s a top recruiter in the executive and technology space who’s passionate about empowering professionals to find their career purpose. Also, co-founder of My Startup Assist, a startup and document storage platform and community, Dee Williams is no stranger to the startup ecosystem. Ready to start and grow your startup and BE INSPIRED?