Gary Romano: LEAN Recruitment for Non-Profits and Other Civic Organizations

During this podcast episode, our special guest, Gary Romano who is the co-author of the book, “Lean Recruitment: Finding Better Talent Faster” stopped by to talk about LEAN Recruitment for Non-Profits and Other Civic Organizations. He introduces a great tool for you to use when looking to do recruitment and staffing for non-profits and other small businesses alike to find top passive talent. We dive into talent scorecards, sales and marketing and so much more. Take a listen, you will not only be inspired, but you will learn a lot.



Dee Williams is the host of, and CEO and founder of Identifize Consulting and Staffingpreneurs Academy. She’s a top recruiter in the executive and technology space who’s passionate about empowering professionals to find their career purpose. Also, co-founder of My Startup Assist, a startup and document storage platform and community, Dee Williams is no stranger to the startup ecosystem. Ready to start and grow your startup and BE INSPIRED?

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