Are You Disrupting Staffing With Your Business Model?

During this podcast episode, we talk about disrupting staffing. Patty McCord, in her recent book, ‘Powerful’ which talks about the building a culture of freedom and responsibility, talks about how Netflix created a culture of encouraging their employees to see what’s going on in the market around their job function. I found that to be interesting seeing an opportunity for 3rd party agencies to be disruptive in this staffing space. Today’s podcast is all about remixing your staffing business model and becoming a disruptive advantage to the industry. Take a listen!

2:43 & 5:33 (Mention): NetFlix and Patty McCord on employees interviewing outside of Netflix

7:07 (Mention): Facebook hiring content reviewers

9:52 (Mention): Steve Case, Third Wave Book on emerging and disruptive industries

Get Patty McCord’s Book: Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility

Get the Book: The Third Wave by: Steve Case

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