Steve Weitzenkorn: The Catalyst Effect

Have you ever known colleagues who the minute they stepped into the conference room, on stage, or onto the playing field, elevated the performance of everyone around them? Someone whose impact within the team could be seen in nearly everything that was said and done? These individuals are catalysts – they spark excellence in the behavior and the performance of the entire team.

Today we are meeting with Steve Weitzenkorn who is the co-author of the book, The Catalyst Effect, which identifies the behaviors and skills needed to lead from wherever you are, regardless of your role or title. It describes powerful leadership and teamwork principles–12 clearly defined competencies, based on field research with professionals in business, sports, the arts, and non-profit organizations–that will elevate the performance of individuals, teams, and your entire organization.

During this podcast, you will be educated on how to learn and practice these catalytic competencies to help your niche’ recruitment and staffing business as well as the organizations that you support to achieve greater success, improve hiring team dynamics, and help the candidates that you place grow in stature while magnifying their value. Take a listen.


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