Our Guest Guide



We are excited to meet and get to know YOU! We’re “down in the trenches” with our guests who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, experiences, services and products. According to Edison Research, Americans alone listen to approximately 21,117,000 hours of podcast audio every day, and more than half of Americans listen to online radio weekly!  What does that mean for you? It means major opportunity for you and your brand. Here are a few tips and tricks to assist you with your appearance on StaffingStartup.tv. Our goal is for your experience to be extremely successful! Don’t worry if you’ve never been a guest before, the list below will get you prepared and ready to shine!

Audio Recommendations

  • Have a good phone connection! Today, most Internet radio and podcast shows are conducted with the guest calling in over a telephone line. Therefore, the quality of your telephone connection is crucial. We highly recommend a landline phone that connects with a cord to a phone jack in the wall. Sometimes the sound quality is terrible on mobile phones, wireless headsets or speaker phones, and calls too easily drop. Some VOIP connections lack clarity and can result in robotic sound. If you can, turn off call-waiting as well.
  • Avoid the scratching sound! When using earbuds, sometimes the microphone rubs against your clothing and it causes this horrible scratching sound. If possible, you may want to think about investing in a solid microphone. I’m sure our show won’t be the only show you share your expertise with.
  • Please put your phone on silent (not vibrate). Many times, audio editors are unable to edit out the ringing or the ‘silent’ buzzing your phone might generate when it’s on the table next to you. Put your phone far away from the table and unplug any house phones in the room to completely avoid that.
  • You need a quiet space:
    • Turn off all notifications that make noise on your computer and other electronic devices. Close out of email and instant message programs.
    • If you have a thunderous fan or air conditioner in the room, turn it off for the interview.
    • Throw your pets and kids out! Put out the dog and get someone to watch the kids if you are doing the interview at home. [Cats and birds too]
    • Tape a sign on your door letting people know that you are recording!
    • If you’re a guest appearing live via video/Skype/YouTube Live, please ensure your background setting is clean and tidy.

Preparation Recommendations

  • Keep water near you at all times!
  • Submit your questions and concerns to your host in a timely manner. That means at least 48-hours PRIOR to going live!
  • Have a single page of notes. List your key points in bullets on a single sheet of paper. Trust us, the microphone picks up you rustling papers in addition, when you have a point but you are looking through several pages, Yikes!

Engagement Recommendations

  • Take a breath and pause please – Answer a question for a reasonable length (no more than, say, 3 minutes). Then pause. This allows your host to lead the conversation, develop a crisp pace, and keep the show on track. We will ask for pauses between questions and answers, which makes the editing process easier. So, after you say something, don’t be afraid of the silence, which will be edited out.
  • Listen to the show. Take the time to download a few episodes. It’s important to understand the host, the format of the show, and what’s expected for content.
  • Understanding the audience is often overlooked. Spending time understanding the audience is no different than the marketing you do for your own business. The better the connection you make with the listeners, the higher chances you of converting them.
  • Share your stories. Using a story to make a point can be very effective. But do be sure that your stories don’t run too long. Remember not to talk too fast. Sometimes when we’re excited about a topic, we speak too quickly. Slow down, and remember to breathe.
  • Smile and keep smiling even though the listener can’t see you. A smile comes through in your voice plus it’s good practice for live interviews.

Effective Promotions Recommendations

Speak “mindfully” present a solid discussion. Enunciate words completely. Avoid “fillers” — such as um, uh, ya know — by being mindful. Remember, it’s about having an engaging conversation that provides value for the time a listener invests. Be as engaging and lively as possible during the show.

When talking about an upcoming event you’re hosting or a new book you’re launching, try not to sell too hard. There’s a fine balance to this and it can be difficult to master. What we’ve learned through time is that being informative and showcasing your expertise through experience and storytelling, the audience will seek you out for more information. Don’t be hard to relate to. Think about how the host’s listeners can benefit from your product or the lessons that they can learn from you instead. This is a much more effective sell than the head-on approach.

Don’t forget to promote the show. Don’t forget, it’s your content too! Setup your Buffer accounts, send it to your e-mail list, and add it to your about page. If you did a knock-out job on the show (like we’ve prepared you for) this is evergreen content for your own brand. Take the time to promote it for months to come. [PLEASE]

Rate/Review the show on iTunes and other podcast hosting. [PLEASE!!!!]

To Conclude

Yes, we’ve experienced and learned through trial and error. We’ve made mistakes and had some interesting mini-disasters and crazy bloopers, so we hope that you can use this guide to make your experience on the show, that much greater. Do yourself and your listeners a favor and take the time to prepare yourself! You’ll feel better about your performance and listeners will appreciate the effort you put in to provide them with strong actionable advice. Looking forward to working with you here at StaffingStartup.tv!