Guest Interview Structure

Here's an Outline of Our Interview Structure is the where it’s at and is like no other. That’s right! It’s all about startups, but we’re talking about startups and entrepreneurship mainly in and for the recruiting and staffing industry. And, in order to thrive, Staffingpreneurs need knowledge, guidance, and support from both our peers and others that have gone before us. As Staffingpreneurs, we want answers to the tough questions and a platform for getting real solutions and theories that work. When you engage with, you get the good, the bad and an inside look at some of the truly amazing journeys of entrepreneurs who have launched, failed, learned and succeeded. How exciting is that?!

Now, as one of our next phenomenal guests on, I’m so excited to connect with you. Below, you will gain insight on our interview structure – you know, the flow. If you have questions, please email Show Objectives

  1. Give insight and valuable resources to a particular topic that is relevant to Staffingpreneurs.
  2. Showcase your (the guest) products and/or brand in a positive light.
  3. Build the Staffingpreneurs and Recruitment & Staffing community in an awesomely, amazing and positive way.

Format: Interview Style – Real Talk with YOU!

The Pre-Call:

We will conduct a 15-minute pre-call to introduce ourselves and chop it up a bit. I like to ensure we have a great vibe going in and all expectations are clear on both ends. During this call, we will schedule the date and time for our live interview.

Note: Recorded Interviews may be delivered in a pre-recorded fashion or live via online radio, Skype, or YouTube live depending on what agree upon during the pre-call. All recorded interviews will be podcasted.

The Recorded Interview:

Please allot 40-60 minutes for the recorded interview.

The first 5-10 minutes: we do sound check to ensure everything is working smoothly.  We use this time to ensure sound on both ends is clear and to make sure that all noise making devices are silenced. We will also get to know each other a bit more.*

The next 5-10 minutes: Introducing YOU (the guest)! If you want to provide guidance for the intro (talking points, bullet points, books, sample products, articles, LinkedIn profile, news articles, other interviews, events you have attended, social media handles, key accomplishments and business ventures) please submit that information to, a minimum, 7 days prior to the scheduled recording.

The next 20-30 minutes: Real Talk with YOU (the guest)! There will be a bit of Q&A to get the conversation started, but mostly it will be a real discussion based on what you send me and the research my team and I will conduct. Our goal is to have “real talk” with you – authenticity is the key. Here are some standard questions that may be asked, but remember, our interview will be custom to you and what you do:

  • Top 5 MUST HAVE apps on your phone?
  • Tell me what success means to you?
  • What’s the latest book you’ve read?
  • What books do you suggest a Staffingpreneur should read?
  • If you could give one piece of advice to Staffingpreneurs, what would that be?
  • What are some of the biggest pain points that you’ve experienced in business?
  • What’s been your most memorable moment in business?
  • What has been your biggest mistake?
  • What motivates you? How do you stay motivated?
  • What do you see in the future of hiring, recruiting and staffing?
  • What’s on your music playlist?

…And of course, you can expect me to go into some tough questions about failure, defeat, struggle and growing pains of your entrepreneurial journey. This includes personal life and business life and how they intersect.

The Last 10 minutes: In the end, you will be asked a few closing questions and we will close out with you giving your 30-second elevator pitch. It is a fundamental must have as a business owner and a great way to teach newer (and even seasoned entrepreneurs) how to package their brand in the most efficient way. I will end the show with you sharing how others can reach you (website, social media, books, upcoming events, etc).

The Debrief: After our recording, you and I can debrief for a few minutes if you wish, if time permits, or we can also schedule a debriefing for another time. Debriefing is your way to provide input on the prep, the call, the questions and giving your overall opinion of the entire process.

Recording Release: Pre-recorded episodes air approximately 2-4 weeks after the original record date. You will be notified of the release date, and given a link to the episode, basically an early preview, within 24 hours of the podcast episode release along with suggested posts and #hashtags to use to promote, which we hope will make it easier for you to post.

Live recordings will obviously be aired immediately and you can feel free to advertise to your tribe beforehand and to share during and after we go live. You will be given a link to the episode posted on our website, within 24 hours of the podcast episode release along with suggested posts and #hashtags to use to promote, which we hope will make it easier for you to post.

Then share, share and share some more!